Family Trip

Trip Date 2023

July 3-8 Family Backpack Trip 

(Parent/Child or any combination)


The backcountry is a great way to connect with family and friends! This backpack trip is open to anyone 9th grade and above. (Participants under 18 must also have a guardian on the trip.)

Full tuition: $495

Subsidized tier: $395

Scholarships are available! If interested, contact Amanda at 970.264.4379 or [email protected].

Trip Considerations

  • All participants will carry all their own gear, as well as a share of the group gear.
  • Pack weight: your pack will generally range between 35-50 pounds.
  • You will be hiking on uneven terrain, which may be rocky and/or muddy at times.
  • Depending on the itinerary, you may be hiking 3-8 miles per day.
  • Sonlight programs in areas of deep wilderness, and you may be hiking a day or more away from the nearest trailhead.
  • Depending on where you currently live, there may be a significant change in elevation. All trailheads are at an elevation of 8,000-9,000 feet, and we hike through areas that range between 9,000 to 12,000 feet above sea level. Depending on the itinerary, you may be attempting a 12,000′ or 13,000′ peak.
  • Days are often long, and may require you to be up at 7 am and in bed at 9 pm.

All trips begin Monday, 11:00 am from the Sonlight backpack base.

The first afternoon will be orientation, Leave No Trace instruction,  distribution of gear, equipment and food. Guides teach pack assembly and how to set up the tents. We’ll head in to the wilderness the first afternoon.

We’ll be on the trail until Friday afternoon, we’ll return to the backpack base to unpack and enjoy a great home cooked dinner. The group will go to Pagosa Springs for hot springs and showers. The night will be spent at the backpack base and the group will have a Sonlight breakfast before departing the next morning.

Required Forms

Three forms are required for participation on a Sonlight backpack trip to comply with state law and will be available through CampInTouch:

1. A health history to be completed by a parent / guardian or adult participant is required by state law

2. A physical (by an MD, PA or Nurse Practitioner) within 12 months of the trip is required by state law

3. The Authorization and Acknowledgement of Risk form to be signed by a parent/guardian or adult participant

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